20 Red Nail Art Designs To Bookmark For When You Want To Give Your Digits A Hot Makeover


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Red- it’s such a universal colour and it flatters every skin tone. This favourite takes many forms and goes from subtle office-wear to crazy party nails, depending on the design. When it comes to nail products, red is the hue that’s chosen by many. Whether you’re looking to keep things on down-low or go all out and shout, red nails will always be by your side. Scroll down to see the inspiration we’ve curated for you for your next manicure. Here are 20 red nail art designs that’ll make your talons look hot, hot, hot!

Best Red Nail Art Design Ideas

When it comes to red nail art designs, it’s best to let your creative juices flow. Going for a minimal approach? Then opt for something that’s set on a neutral nude tone. Want to bling it up? Then glitter, jewels, and metallic nails are your BFF.

H3: Pretty Florals


Image courtesy - Instagram

A floral manicure is always a good idea! If you’re looking for something minimal with a flash of red, then these red flowers set against a plain glossy nail enamel will definitely tickle your fancy.

Polka Dot Heaven

Image courtesy - Instagram

 So this one is a throwback to your Disney days. This polka-dot half-and-half manicure looks really cute and will remind you of your happy childhood days.

 The Reverse Floral


Image courtesy - Instagram


This reverse floral nail art is set against a red nail background and uses white flowers to bring the manicure to life. This works well if you want a little extra oomph to your manicured nails.

Rhinestone Redness


Image courtesy - Instagram

 A take on the French manicure, if bling is your thing then we’d say go for this! It’s a great balance of simple and jazzy.

 Checkered In


Image courtesy - Instagram


Red nails, but better –– this nail art adds a little fun twist to a basic manicure. Add white checkered prints, along with some floral art and your digits will get an instant makeover.


A Little Bit Of Christmas

Image courtesy - Instagram


A red nail art manicure that gives you Christmas feels, all year long. The combination of red and white, along with a little bit of a French tip makes this one feel all festive.


Tipped Over


Image courtesy - Instagram


An adorable take on the whole French tip, this black, white, and red trio makes a great manicure.


Lover’s Paradise

Image courtesy - Instagram


A Valentine’s Day special, your red nails couldn’t get cuter than this. The red hearts, set against a baby pink background make this one a sweet mani-pedi look.


Party Re(a)dy


Image courtesy - Instagram


Got your basic red nails on? Then why not add a little bit of swirly fun to them! The black and white running lines break the monotony of the red.


Flower Power

Image courtesy - Instagram


Play around with shades of red –– go with a bright red and a dark red in different textures. Outlines of flowers with a black and white nail paint will add a spunk to the manicure. Top those nails off with a clear matte nail polish and you’re ready to go!


Spice Me Up


Image courtesy - Instagram


This manicure takes red and hot to a whole new level. Increase the heat with chilli pepper printed nail art.


Fine Lines


Image courtesy - Instagram


Use a matte nail lacquer in red and then top it off with fine prints in white. Opt for faces, flowers, hearts –– use your imagination and let your creativity go wild.


Queen Of Hearts

Image courtesy - Instagram


Turn your French tip into a heart and throw in some glitter –– this red manicure is anything but boring!


Strawberry Season


Image courtesy - Instagram


Use your metallic red nail paint to create a fun fruity nail art look. You can either go full-on strawberry print, or simply add elements like the seeds or the stem to the nail art look.


Ladybug Heaven


Image courtesy - Instagram


When red nails meet matte nails, this ladybug manicure is perfect for the little kid in you. The whimsical play on polka dots set against red and black nail polish and the cute little ladybug animation makes this manicure absolutely cute.


Golden Lines


Image courtesy - Instagram


Go for a deep red nail paint and pair that with some gold or copper lines. You can either go for swirls and lines across your nails, or mix it up with some geometric designs. 


Curve Ball


Image courtesy - Instagram


This manicure is perfect for coffin nails –– go with the flow and create minimalistic lines with red and white nail polish. Remember to create this nail art against a neutral nude background, so that the colours stand out.


Glitter Me Pretty


Image courtesy - Instagram


Red nails plus silver polish only means one thing –– it’s time to get the festivities started! Go for a metallic or a glittery red nail paint and break the monotony with a silver polish. You can even throw in floral prints, if you’re feeling a little playful.




Image courtesy - Instagram


You can never go wrong with a red and white manicure. Minimalism at its best, this nail art is cute, fun, as well as really creative. It’s great for the fashionista in you.


Something Leafy


Image courtesy - Instagram


How pretty is this manicure? The leaf print drawn out on the white and red background, coupled with the matte texture makes for nail art that’s anything but basic.

MyGlamm Recommends Best Red Nail Paints For Nail Art

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Red nails have always been a go-to for party lovers or the festive season. However, the hue isn’t just confined to these scenarios. Go for the gold (in this case, red nail lacquer) and choose from the array of red nail art designs that’ll instantly perk up your digits –– no matter what the occasion.


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