Tips For Healthy Winter Lips

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With winter comes the problems of dry skin and ultra chapped lips. In order to keep your lips healthy and soft this season, here are a few tricks that should come handy:

1. Apply Lip Balm Before Washing Your Face: Did you know? Your face wash is drying out your lips, especially if you have oily skin. To prevent your lips from over-drying, use a lip balm before you wash your face.



2. Nourish Your Lips Using Almond Oil: Use almond oil on your lips as it has brilliant moisturizing properties. What more? It contains high elements of Vitamins A and E. Apply it to your lips every night for deep and nourishing conditioning.



3. Bring Home A Humidifier: A humidifier will help keep your skin hydrated. An alternative to a humidifier is to hold your face over some steaming water once a day. Just be extra careful with boiling water.



4. Cucumbers Help In Softening Lips: Who said cucumber slices are just for reducing under-eye puffiness? A slice of cucumber on dry and chapped lips will instantly hydrate them. All you need to do is cut a thin slice and hold it to your lips for 3-5 minutes. You will be left with softer lips.



5. Exfoliate Your Lips: To get rid of dry lips, you must try a lip exfoliator. Since the skin on your lips is far more delicate than the skin on your face, a regular facial exfoliator may be too painful. For all those with sensitive lips, gently scrub them with a soft and clean toothbrush and water.



6. Never Lick Your Lips: No! licking your lips do not hydrate them. In fact, it’s the worst thing to do. The enzymes in your saliva which are used to break down your food will tend to dry your skin faster than usual. So never lick dry lips!



7. Avoid Matte Lipsticks in Winter: If you are someone who wears makeup daily, then in winters, avoid using matte lipsticks as they dry up your lips faster. Instead wear a lip gloss in this season. For extra softness, use a lip conditioner before wearing lipstick.