8 Holiday-Inspired Makeup Looks To Help You Slay Online & Offline

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The smell of gingerbread cookies, the Christmas tree and Mariah Carey playing on a loop --- this can mean only one thing --- the holiday season is finally upon us. Yes, after a dreaded 2020, most of us are happy to be celebrating the last month of the year, mainly ‘coz we hope that 2021 brings some sort of normalcy back into our lives. 

Given that we are not yet free from the pandemic, this year’s in-person holiday parties will be kept to the bare minimum, with most of us opting for virtual celebrations with friends and family from all over the world via Zoom call, so if you thought you could get away with not decking up this year, well, think again! If you want to slay your Xmas look, we’ve got a few makeup options that are sure to get people’s attention ---- online and offline. From sultry eyes to subtle glam to going all out with the shimmer, we’ve got something for everyone on this year’s holiday makeup list. Check it out.

Vibrant Hues

It’s time to show off what you learnt these past couple months of quarantine. You could either opt for bold eyeliner shades or if you really want to get into the holiday spirit, paint candy cane hues on your upper lash line.

Snowflake Graphic Eyeliner

This one is for those who love all things crazy and edgy. Instead of the typical ‘Ariana Grande’ white graphic liner, go ahead and get into the festive feel by adding a few snowflakes just below your brow bone. This eye makeup is perfect if you want to steal the show during your Zoom party.

Blue Xmas

Channel the winter climate with your makeup. Since face masks are the new norm, the eyes are going to be the centre of attention, so let your eyes do the talking by adding a silvery shade on your eyelids and a light blue shade on the outer corners, going all the way down to your temples.

Bold Red Lips

You can’t have a holiday makeup look without including red lips. But since face masks are the new norm, this year, your creamy formulas will need to sit this one out and mattes need to take the lead. You can also take things up a notch by adding a bit of shimmery lipgloss to your lips to give it that hypnotizing sheen.

Glitter Wings

For those who love all things subtle can opt for a simple shimmery gold wing on the upper lash line but those who want edgy can opt for the exaggerated smoky glitter wing. Trust us when we say, this look will give you those ‘gram-worthy selfies.

Wine Lips

Red isn’t the only colour of the season. You can also swipe this shade for a gorgeous wine matte hue that won’t budge even after removing your face mask.

Cherry Popsicle Lips

If your festivities entail video calls, you can ditch the matte and go for stains. The best way to make your lips pop on camera is by opting for the popsicle lips look. For this, all you need is a red lip stain with a glossy finish. You can take it up a notch by adding a bit of clear gloss to make the lips pop while keeping the rest of your makeup to the bare minimum.

The Classic Glam

There’s nothing wrong with the classics. If you’re in a hurry, subtle brown eyeshadow, rose lipstick, and plenty of highlighter is all you need to take your glam quotient from 10 to 100.

Slay all the way with these holiday-inspired looks.

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