You Need To Switch Out Your Regular Shower Gel For A Neem Soap & Here’s Why

Neem soap benefits

There are a whole lot of ingredients that make it to your grandmother’s beauty secret list –– and one that probably tops the list is neem. For centuries, neem has been known for its medicinal properties that helps soothe a whole lot of skincare issues and help treat the skin. And that’s why it is often found in bathing bars and soaps. The oil extracted from neem, which is used in these soaps, is known to hold antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great skin healer. Basically it’s the one-stop-solution to a whole lot of your skincare requirements. Here are a few neem soap benefits why it should be part of your shower routine, STAT!


What Is Neem Soap


Neem soap is a solid bathing bar soap that is formulated with neem oils and neem leaf extracts. It is an age-old solution for a whole lot of skincare issues and can definitely help tackle them. Here’s everything you need to know about the neem soap benefits for skin. 

Neem Soap Benefits


Why is neem so special? Well, it’s all thanks to its properties. This Ayurvedic medicinal solution acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, which means it’s a significant ingredient in your routine. Scroll down to see some of the neem soap benefits you can get by adding this bar when you shower.


Treats Acne


One of the biggest neem soap benefits is that it acts as an antibacterial agent. This helps clear up any bacteria that clogs the pores and causes acne. It also helps keep the bacteria at bay and prevents future breakouts from occurring. This is great especially if you have body acne.


Fights Against Free Radicals


Neem is loaded with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and any sort of damage caused by them. On a regular basis our body goes through a whole lot of trauma –– from UV damage to exposure to pollution, heat, and dirt. All of these factors combined trigger your body to react, resulting in damaged skin. One of the benefits of neem soap is that it repairs the skin and prevents any further damage.

Moisturises The Skin


A natural moisturiser, neem soap is actually hydrating for the skin. Unlike a lot of soaps, neem doesn’t strip the skin off its natural oils and actually nourishes it. This is a great neem soap benefit, over other soaps.


Is Natural & Free Of Chemicals


Incorporating a neem soap in your shower time routine means using a natural and chemical-free product. It is able to deeply cleanse your skin, while protecting its barrier. It’s completely natural, free from parabens and other irritating chemicals that’ll leave your skin feeling sensitive.


Doesn’t Leave A Residue


The issue with a lot of bar soaps is that they leave this sticky residue or film on your skin. Neem soap bars do not tend to do that. They lather pretty well and wash off without a sticky residue left behind.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Neem Soap


It’s all about finding the right balance with your soap! Soaps are not only eco-friendly, but if you find the right one, they can be pretty beneficial for your skin. Scroll down to see what you can use to reap all neem soap benefits.


MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Soap - Lavender & Neem

MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Soap - Lavender & Neem

Looking for an indulgent and relaxing shower? This soap is the right choice for you. With an antimicrobial formula, this bathing bar is formulated with lavender and neem –– both of which soothe your irritated skin while cleansing it. Also enriched with coconut extract, cocoa butter, and glycerin, it softens the skin and moisturises it too!


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Can I Use Neem Soap Everyday?


Yes, you can. Neem is an antibacterial that helps get rid of germs, while nourishing the skin. It is safe to use everyday.


What Is Neem Soap Good For?


Neem soap is good to cleanse the skin, without stripping it off its natural oils. It nourishes and repairs damage, and also prevents it from getting damaged even further.


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Neem is probably one of the most effective Ayurvedic ingredients that helps treat a lot of skin conditions. Therefore including it in your daily bathtime routine will only be beneficial. The neem soap benefits are great to tackle those issues, while protecting your body. 


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