Best eyeshadow shades for women over 40

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Every makeup junkie can tell you that bold colours are in. Bold eyes, bold lips, bold bros and even bold blush…it’s all about going OTT in 2018. Add to the mix the drama provided by glitter and metallic. But then, as good these bold makeup looks are, how many of us actually go forth and try it out? The more adventurous ones may venture of their comfort zone and try out a bold eyeliner or lipstick and even blush, or the sake of it but what about the eyeshadows? Bold eyeshadows have been really big on the runways, but do they translate in real life…for women above 40s? When it comes to bold makeup, there is always this line, this hesitation especially among mature women. Women above 40 tend to think that bold colours are not meant for them and they prefer sticking to safer colour read basic and neutrals fearing to be mocked. If you are in your 40s and really want to try out that bright eyeshadow but cannot, and end up using the same ‘safe’ browns and other neutrals, every time, you are not alone.

If you are in your 40s, we will help you venture out of your cosmetic-comfort zone to try out the most suitable and wearable colours. These colours are universal and flattering on most of the skin tones. So, come, find out the most trending and flattering eyeshadow colours for yourself.


If there is one shade that is universally flattering, it is the modern pink. Ranging from a soft and pretty pink to a bold fuschia or a dull magenta pink, the colour is not as intimidating as it seems. Wear it on the eyelids and your look d mood will light up in a moment. Pink blends well with Indian skin tones and can give depth to your skin tone for a wash of colour with a natural finish. You can give go from a sheer to light and intense with the pink depending on the occasion. Match your pink eyeshadow with pink lipstick and blush for a monochrome look!


Fresh peach is the new take on the neutrals. The beautiful feminine shade seems to suit every skin tone and age, looking both fresh and contemporary. You can go from completely natural to super-glam with peach as it’s a noticeable yet soft colour. With hints of both pink and orange, but in lighter form, peach, as eyeshadow colour, can be worn all year round. Being a relatively paler shade, peach doesn’t come across as intense and is thus not overwhelming.


It’s not orange or tangerine but somewhere in between and its perfect for hot summer eves. It’s the cushy coral! The softer version of tangerine, the coral shade is gorgeous and peps up the look by making the eyes pop. Wear the coral eyeshadow with neutral or nude lips and understated blush to avoid going overboard. Coral eyeshadow shades are feminine, romantic and uber-chic. They are also great for every day and perfect for beginners. For added drama, build on the colour and voila, you can go from day to night in a moment.