Beauty Products That Make Traveling Easier

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As many fun vacations are, they may get tricky when it comes to skincare and beauty routine. Deviation from the regular routine does not necessarily mean it should also be a spanner in our skincare and beauty regimen. It’s a good idea to carry along your beloved beauty products even when you want to travel light and you think the internal excitement is enough to keep your skin glowing and healthy. For one, it’ll not cost you extra money and, you’ll have suitable products at your disposal. We help you get travel-ready with some of the beauty products that you can toss straight into your bag and keep looking fabulous all through the journey, no matter the destination.

Moisturiser with SPF
Whether you are at a tropical destination or in the mountains, the skin never stops asking for hydration. Always carry the right moisturiser according to skin type and weather conditions. Also, carrying SPF is a must during vacay especially when you plan to spend time out in the sun for long. It’ll be better if your moisturiser comes enriched with SPF as it’ll save you the trouble of slathering on sunscreen every time you step out.

Face powder
Face powder is important to keep your face fresh-looking both during the day and during the night time. It helps set the makeup along with absorbing sweat and keeping the face dry and grease-free. MyGlamm Glow to Glamour is a powder duo that comes with translucent fixing powder and shimmer powder. While the fixing powder will give the skin a fresh, matte look, shimmer powder can be used as a highlighter to add a glow to the skin.

Eyes on fleek
Well done eyes and a perfect set of brows can let you get away with minimal or even no makeup. MyGlamm Stay Defined Liquid Eyeliner + HD Brow powder is all that is needed to makeup your eyes look sharp and sophisticated when on the go. Just swipe on the quick-drying liquid eyeliner and groom your brows with the easy-to-use dark brow powder and voila, you have eyes on fleek even while on vacay.

Multi-functional foundation
So, you have picked a moisturiser with inbuilt SFP. While you are at it, it’s also recommended to pick a foundation that gives you other benefits too so that you are spared too much trouble of carrying extra products. MyGlamm Total Makeover FF foundation Cream comes with inbuilt SPF along with concealer, compact and colour correctors in one palette. Just one palette will have you covered- right from giving you sun protection to keeping your dark circles hidden and giving you flawless complexion, the Total Makeover FF Cream will do it all. Keep it handy while traveling, you’ll not regret it.

Luscious lips(tick)
While you may be tempted to carry all your favourite lippies, we advise against it! One or two or maximum three lipsticks are more than enough to cover your vacay. Just pick the most versatile colours that can be worn both day and night. If you are still confused, try this- pick one neutral colour like the LIT Satin Matte Lipstick in Wild Wild Country, one bright (like red) like the Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipstick in Moroccan Red and one that is your MLBB shade. Or if you want it all, try Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipgloss that give you a lustrous pout in one swipe. 

Dry shampoo
When traveling, often we do not have time (or the energy) to wash our hair. Dry shampoo is ideal for such days. It’s the easiest way to get the grease out of your hair while saving valuable time and energy. Not only dry shampoo cleans and deodorises, it also adds volume to the hair, so keep it handy.

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