30 Lavender Nail Art Ideas That Are Too Stunning


When it comes to choosing a nail art colour for summer, nothing tops lavender. The oh-so-stunning shade strikes the perfect balance – neither too dark nor too pale, just the right amount of hue to elevate andy nail art or nail polish. So if you are looking inspiration for lavender nail art, we’ve got you covered with some fabulous recommendations. Below, we have listed some stunning lavender nail art designs for you to try. 

Beautiful Lavender Nail Art Designs: Ideas for Elegant and Simple Lavender Nails


Here are some lavender nail art designs that are sure to elevate your manicure game and add a touch of elegance and style to your fingertips!

1. Classic French Tips:


Give the classic French manicure a stunning twist by swapping the white tips with lavender. Start with a soft pink or nude base and add a classic lavender French tip for a timeless look that’s perfect for any occasion.

2. Lavender Ombre Nails: 


If you are looking for a softer lavender nail art design then go with ombre. Blend lavender with a lighter shade to create a beautiful ombre effect, starting from the tips and fading towards the cuticles.

3. Lavender Nails With Floral Accents: 


No doubt lavender and florals  are like a match made in heaven. So combine these two for a cute nail look. Paint lavender nails and add delicate floral accents using a fine brush or nail stickers for a feminine touch.

4. Lavender Marble Nails: 


If you want to give your nails a luxurious touch then go for marble lavender nail art design. Achieve a luxurious marble effect by swirling lavender with white or silver polish for a sophisticated finish.

5. Lavender Glitter Gradient Design: 


Add a mystical touch to your lavender nail art design with glitters. Apply a clear polish as a base or any other neural nail paint and add lavender glitter at the tips, blending it towards the middle of the nail for a glamorous gradient effect.

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6. Lavender & Gold Geometric Designs: 



Take your lavender nail art design to the next level by incorporating gold in them. Combine lavender with gold geometric shapes to give it a modern and stylish nail art look.

7. Lavender Negative Space Nails:


For a modern lavender nail art idea, try to keep some space Leave some of your natural nails exposed while painting lavender on the rest for a trendy negative space design.

8. Lavender & Lace Design:



Take your lavender nail art to the next level with a sprinkle of cuteness by incorporating lace detailing. Begin by delicately adding white lace accents over a lavender base. You can add a tad bit of glitter nail paint to finish off the look.

9. Lavender Cherry Blossom Nails: 


Bring Japan to your nails by creating delicate cherry blossoms on your nails. Paint nails lavender and add cherry blossom accents using a fine brush for a beautiful and feminine nail art look.

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10. Lavender & Stripes Nail Art:




Another classic lavender nail art design is the one that has a stripe design on it. You can create vertical or horizontal lavender stripes on a neutral base for a fun and playful nail art look.

11. Lavender Polka Dots Nails Design: 



For those who like to keep it chic and trendy, try lavender polka dots nail art design. Paint your nails lavender and then add white or silver polka dots for a cute and whimsical design.

12. Lavender Holographic Nails: 



For a modern and edgy lavender nail art design, opt for holographic. By incorporating a holographic lavender polish, you can create a mesmerising and futuristic nail art look.

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13. Lavender Matte Nails: 



If you are looking for a simple lavender nail art design then go for the matte option. By opting for a matte lavender finish, you’ll get a subtle and sophisticated nail look, perfect for everyday wear.

14. Lavender & Mint Color Design: 



If you are looking to add a pop of colour to your nails this summer then try lavender and mint colour combo. Combining these colours gives you a fresh and vibrant colour block design that’s perfect for spring.

15. Lavender Chevron Nails: 

Jazz up your basic lavender nail art design with chevron detailing. Start by painting your nails using lavender nail polish and chevron stripes in white or silver colour for a chic and trendy look.

16. Lavender Nails With Heart Accent: 



Paint nails lavender and add a single heart accent nail in a contrasting color for a sweet and romantic touch.

17. Lavender Rainbow Nails: 



This summer, try rainbow-inspired lavender nail art design. Paint each nail a different shade of lavender or other rainbow colours with lavender for a playful and colorful rainbow-inspired nail design.

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18. Lavender Galaxy Nails: 



Bring the world of cosmo to your nails with galaxy-inspired lavender nail art designs. To achieve the look, use shades of lavender, blue, and silver for a stunning cosmic effect.

19. Lavender and Gold Foil: 


To give your nails an opulent touch, try combining lavender nail art design with gold foil detailing. Apply lavender polish as a base and then add gold foil accents on top of it for a luxurious and glamorous nail design.

20. Lavender Leopard Print: 



Who said leopard print has to be only black and brown? Twist this classic print by incorporating it into a lavender nail art design. Paint nails lavender and add leopard print accents in black or dark purple nail colour for a fierce and trendy nail art look.

21. Lavender Dreamcatcher Nails: 


For a dreamy lavender nail art design, try adding dreamcatchers to it. Add dreamcatcher accents over a lavender base using white or silver polish for a bohemian and whimsical nail art design.

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22. Lavender With Butterflies Nails: 


If you are looking for a cute lavender nail art inspiration then we’ve something for you. Try a lavender nail art design with butterfly detailing on it. It’s not only playful but will also add a whimsical touch.

23. Whimsical Lavender Nails:


Add a touch of whimsicality to lavender nail art design. The best part about this kind of design is that you can experiment with different textures, patterns, and elements. 

24. Lavender Mermaid Nails: 



Achieve a mermaid-inspired nail art look using shades of lavender, blue, and green for a mystical and whimsical design. You can even add other ocean-inspired elements like seashells, start-fish, etc. 

25. Lavender Half-Moon Nails: 


For a not-so-basic lavender nail art design, opt for a half-moon design. Paint your nails lavender and add a contrasting color at the base for a chic and minimalist half-moon design.

26. Lavender Flowers Nails:


When going with lavender nail art design, how about incorporating lavender flowers as well? Paint your nails with the lighted shade of lavender and then add lavender flowers into your design.

27. Lavender Stars Nail Art:


For a fun element, add stars to your lavender nail art design. Paint your nails using a muted lavender shade and add stars using a darker shade. 

28. Iridescent Lavender Nails:

To make a head-turning statement, go for an iridescent effect on your lavender nail art design. Paint your nails with a muted base coat and add gleaming flakes for a stunning effect. Seal it with a clear paint.

29. Lavender Abstract Art: 


Get creative with lavender and white polish to create abstract designs for a unique and artistic nail art look.

30. Lavender 3D Embellishments: 


Add 3D embellishments like pearls, rhinestones, or studs over a lavender base for a glamorous and luxurious nail art design.


Ladies, hope you love our list of lavender nail art designs. These ideas are perfect for anyone who is looking to amp up their look or is planning to add a fresh colour to their nail art. These statement-making inspirations are surely gonna make you the talk of the town. 

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