How To Use Makeup Setting Sprays: Tips To Keep Your Makeup Fresh Round The Clock



Does your makeup look superb when you just applied but then melts off in just an hour or so? If that’s your biggest concern, the solution to the problem right here. Makeup fixers or makeup setting sprays are the answer to your prayers. If you’re wondering how to use makeup fixers and how exactly they work, here’s all you need to know. 


What Is A Makeup Setting Spray Or Makeup Fixer

A makeup fixer or a makeup setting spray is a product that is used to extend the wear time of your makeup. It helps keep your makeup looking as fresh as the moment you applied it. These makeup fixer products are to be applied after you’ve finished applying your makeup to seal the look. They can also be reapplied after a couple of hours to freshen up your makeup if need be. Read on to find out exactly how to use makeup fixers so that your makeup doesn’t fade or melt when you’re out and about.


How To Use A Makeup Fixer

Steps to use makeup fixer

Here’s a guide on how to use makeup fixers correctly so that your full face of makeup looks fresh as ever even if you’re traveling or spending the day out in the sun.


Shake The Bottle


This is a crucial step before using a makeup setting spray. Shake the spray bottle to activate the makeup fixer and ensure the fluid in the bottle is properly mixed and ready to use. Most times some of the ingredients in the liquid formula either rise to the surface or settle at the bottom when the setting spray is not in use. That’s why shaking the bottle helps to mix all the ingredients so that you get the long lasting benefits that the product promises.


Spray It On


After shaking the bottle, hold it 6 to 8 inches away from your face and spray it on over your finished makeup look. This works best when you’ve finished applying your liquid foundation and concealer, followed by any powder products like blush, bronzer and highlighter, eyeshadow and also your eyeliner and lipstick.


Let It Dry


Now that you’ve sprayed it all over your fresh face of makeup, give it a couple of minutes to dry off completely. Be patient and don’t try to touch your skin or use a tissue as this could mess with the efficacy of your makeup fixer.


Refresh Again


Keep the makeup fixer spray in your purse and carry it along with you. You can spray it on after a couple of hours to make your makeup feel more fresh. Depending on the type of makeup fixer or setting spray you have, you can expect renewed results like mattified skin or a hydrated glow. Even if you do happen to touch up your makeup a bit, spray it on after you're done for long lasting results.


MyGlamm Recommended Makeup Fixer

MyGlamm Set On You Makeup Setting Spray

Your hunt for the best makeup setting spray ends here. This skincare-infused makeup setting spray by MyGlamm makes your makeup look and feel super fresh all day long. It has a hydrating formula that gives the skin a natural glow and it does not clog your pores whatsoever. The formula contains hyaluronic acid, niacinamide to hydrate and heal skin and aloe vera and vitamin C and E to protect against free radical damage.

MyGlamm POSE HD Setting Powder - Ivory

Setting powders are another type of makeup fixing products that you can use to make your makeup last longer. And this HD setting powder will blow your mind. It has a silky smooth formula that is super lightweight over makeup. It has a translucent formula that does keeps the skin matte and smooth for long hours.

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