How To Use A Lip Liner To Fake That Pout & Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

How to apply lip liner

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There are some makeup products that are super underrated and one of them is a lip liner. The job of a lip liner is simple –– it makes sure your lipstick stands true to its name and ensures your pout doesn’t let you down, no matter how long you wear it. Unfortunately, this particular lip makeup product isn’t given the due credit it deserves. While it does prevent your lipstick from spilling out of the lines, it also primes your lips and makes sure your lipstick pigment is super long-lasting, sans any feathering or transferring. Whether you choose to go with a matte lipstick, high-shine one, or even a liquid one, a lip liner will stand by and guarantee you get the best from your product. Scroll down to see how to use a lip liner to make your pout appear fuller and lip colour appear feistier, with every single application.


How to Apply Lip Liner


There are two ways in which you can do this –– one will give you a fuller, intense pout, and the other will give you a more natural impact. Here’s everything you need to know about using a lip liner to make that pout pop!


Step 1 - Exfoliate


Use a lip scrub or a natural exfoliator using honey and sugar to remove the dead skin on your lips. This’ll smoothen out flaky and dry lips, and will nourish them at the same time, creating a soft and clean base for any lip product you choose to apply on top of it.


Step 2 - Nourish It


Apply a nourishing lip balm so that you can retain the softness. Make sure your lip balm contains some SPF along with hydrating oils –– this will protect your lips from environmental damage, while moisturising them.


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Step 3 - Apply A Lip Liner


Bold & Bright: For this kind of look, make sure you match your lip liner to your lipstick. It should be as close as possible to the lip product you choose to fill your lips in with. Start by lining your upper and lower lip, along the natural shape of your pout. Colour in the centre of your upper lip, just under your cupid’s bow. Wherever your lips naturally crease on your lower lip, draw vertical lines. Purse away and wait a few seconds to apply your lipstick or gloss.


Natural: For this kind of look, pick a nude lip pencil that is closest to your skin tone. Follow the same pattern of applying the lip liner around your natural lip line, fill in the centre of your upper lip near the cupid’s bow, and line in the creases.


Step 4 - Blend Away


Use your fingertips or a lip brush to soften the lines and blend them into your pout. If you don’t want to apply lipstick over it, then make sure you blend the lines really well so it doesn’t look odd!


Step 5 - Apply A Lipstick


Fill out the rest of your lips with lipstick. You can even add a little bit of lip gloss to the centre of your pout. This will make it appear fuller and give it a touch of shine.


Step 6 - Finish Off With Concealer


Outline the area around your lips with a concealer to ensure your lip line is sharper. This will also clean up any sort of smudges or spills from your lipstick and makes your lip line appear more natural. Purse your lips for even application and voila! You’re good to go!

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Reasons Why You Should Always Apply a Lip Liner


While a lip liner might seem like a redundant product to have in your makeup kit, it actually is a very useful product. Once you’ve understood how to use a lip liner, you’ll notice a major difference in how your other lip products look and last. Scroll down to see why this lip makeup product is a true MVP for the other products in your kit.


Makes It Long-Lasting


Applying a lip liner preps the lips and allows your lipstick to apply smoothly. It also prevents your natural lip oils from breaking down your products and causing them to leave your pout before time. This stands true especially for bolder colours that have a creamier or more glossy finish.


True To Colour


Using a nude lip liner closest to your skin tone will help even out your lips and will leave you with a hue that is true to your lipstick aka what you see is what you truly get.


They Prevent Smudging


If you’re one to find your lipstick smudged all over your lips after a couple of hours, then you need a lip liner to reign it in. Lip liners create a border and prevents your lipstick from spilling out of the lines.


Give You Fuller Lips


You can use a lip liner to contour your lips and create the appearance of a fuller pout. You can do this by filling in the centre of your pout, as well as the lower lip. You can even feel free to overline your lips for a bigger pout.


Can I just use lip liner?

You probably have used your lip liner as a substitute for lipstick at some point, whether it was because you were in a hurry and forgot your lipstick or just because you adore the colour. And if you have, you are aware that it can be somewhat drying. So better moisturise and then use if you face a similar situation.


How long does lip liner stay on?

A lip pencil with intense colour that keeps your lipstick from feathering for up to five hours.


Can lip liner look natural?

Lip liner always looks more polished and natural when blended in. Use a tiny lip brush to apply it, or simply pat it with your fingertips. Use a hydrating product to give your skin a natural plumpness. The opposite outcome will occur if the lip liner dries out.

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Lip liners deserve a place in your makeup routine because they do so much more than colour in your pout. Let this guide on how to use a lip liner help you understand the various ways in which you can use this amazing lip product to enhance your pout.


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