What Is Bronzer In Makeup: Different Bronzer Uses & How To Use Bronzer Like A Pro!


A sun-kissed glow is always in vogue so it's no wonder that the bronzer has found a permanent place in our makeup kits. But what is bronzer in makeup? Or how to use bronzer? Bronzer is used to add warmth and dimension to your face, making the skin look flushed with health. It is supposed to be applied after face makeup and before the blush. Bronzer is brushed on the perimeter of the face that includes cheeks, jawline, edges of the forehead, and nose. It needs to be blended well so it does not look too obvious and just melts into the skin. If you do not know how to use bronzer, it’s time you taught yourself as the right bronzer can make all the difference. Scroll down to know what is bronzer in makeup, how to use bronzer, and what is bronzer used for.


What is bronzer used for?

Remember ladies, knowledge is power. Using the correct bronzer for your skin type and knowing exactly how much to apply makes all the difference between looking like you spent a week on a sun-kissed beach and a Christmas tree ornament. Applying bronzer is a great way to give your face a natural-looking glow. Apart from days when your skin appears a little dull, bronzer can be used all year round over the foundation to make your face look more attractive. If applied incorrectly, the bronzer can make your face look unnaturally dark and dirty. Once you learn how to use bronzer correctly, you can pick the right product and use it to make your face glow with warmth and radiance.

How to apply bronzer?

There is a correct way of using bronzer. Find out how to use bronzer to make your face glow with a warm radiance.

Bollywood Actress Sonakshi Sinha shows you how to use Bronzer from the Pose HD Bronzer Duo Palette that is available in two shades- Cinnamon and Terracotta. The bronzer has advanced optical technology that blurs imperfections, ensures effortless blending, has a matte finish, and is lightweight too.

How to apply bronzer


Step 1: Prep your skin first

The first step to apply bronzer is to prep up your skin. You can do it with the help of a mild cleanser, followed by a toner and lightweight moisturizer. Once your skin absorbs the moisturiser, apply your face primer.


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MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Blueberry & Strawberry Face Cream

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Manish Malhotra Luminous Moisturising Primer

The Manish Malhotra Luminous Moisturising primer is an oil-free product that minimises pore appearance, nourishes skin, evens out skin, and imparts a natural glow.


Step 2: Then do the base makeup

  • With the help of a beauty sponge, apply your foundation in the shade that suits your skin tone.

  • For hiding blemishes and dark circles, go on with some concealer.

  • Then brush some compact powder on the face.


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Manish Malhotra Foundation

The Manish Malhotra foundation gives medium to high coverage, even-toned skin complexion, and long-wearing formula.


Manish Malhotra Concealer

An amazing 2-in-1 liquid concealer offers easy blending, and comfortable wear, and is available in 6 shades too.


K.Play Flavoured Compact Powder

From evening-out skin tone, concealing fine lines, and amplifying skin radiance to controlling shine, this compact powder is worth trying.


Step 3: How To Apply Bronzer

Stick to a shade that's two shades deeper than your skin tone, no more. Make sure it carries a hint of rose or peach though.

- A veil of shimmer bronzer looks great and elevates your features but it's not so great for contouring. Pick a bronzer with fine shimmer particles. 

- Apply it on the areas of your face that the sun hits. 

- Using the right brush is key. Use the largest, softest brush you have. It shouldn't be too dense because a dense brush is going to pick up more product than required.

- Apply the bronzer in the shape of a 3, across your forehead, then to the cheekbone, and finally to your jaw. If your shoulders are bare you can apply some to your collarbones. 

- Always use a face bronzer on your neck and your chin. Not only does it make your appearance more seamless, but also gives you an instant neck lift. 

Step 4: Add some highlighter & brush

Highlight your face on your cheekbones and apply a blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend the product in with the bronzer.


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Spotlight Illuminating Liquid Highlighter

If you’re looking for a highlighter that’ll give your face an instant lift and dewy radiance, get this highlighter! This highlighter gives a soft dewy look, adds radiance, and reduces the appearance of fine lines.


MyGlamm’s K.Play Flavoured Blush 

The MyGlamm’s K.Play flavoured blush is available in 3 different pretty shades. This blush blends effortlessly, blurs imperfections and gives healthy looking skin.


Do you apply bronzer before or after foundation?

Bronzer always goes on after your face makeup i.e. foundation, concealer, and powder but is always applied before the blush.

Can I use bronzer as contour?

The answer is Yes, but only in the case when you do it correctly! But always remember, a bronzer will never be able to achieve the same natural look that a contour shade would do. It’s typically a shimmer or matte powder that’s warm-toned to create an effect of a sun-kissed glow. Whereas contour products are the opposite.

Can you use bronzer without foundation?

Foundation evens out your skin and hides all imperfections. But if you just don’t like using one, you can use the bronzer on the bare skin. Considering you will achieve a more uniform look if you add a little color to your skin.

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There you have it! Now, when you step out for a party or your date with someone special, you know what is bronzer in makeup, how to use bronzer, and especially why bronzer is used! Get ready to spill some magic with your contoured face without any imperfections and a bright glow on the skin!


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