How To Use Body Wash – The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Your Shower Gel Properly & Most Effectively

How to Use Body Wash

We give our face so much importance that sometimes our body plays second fiddle to it! Think about it –– we have skincare routines in place, but when it comes to body care, do we really pay attention to it? The skin on our body requires as much TLC as much as the skin on our face. And a body wash is the best way to cleanse it from all the impurities that hide in the nooks, crannies, and crevices of your pores. But do you know how to apply body wash and clean your body properly? FYI, not cleansing properly, eventually leads to back acne and breakouts in places all over the body. Here’s how to use body wash in the aptest and most effective way possible.

How To Use Body Wash: Basic Guide

Want to know the best way how to apply body wash? Here’s a guide to help you manoeuvre your way when it comes to how to use body wash and cleanse your skin properly. 

Know How Much Body Wash To Use

Just because there is a lot of surface area to cover and cleanse, it doesn’t mean you douse your body with a whole lot of body wash. Using too much product can leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy when not washed off properly. Plus, using way too much beyond the recommended amount can remove your natural oils and leave your body feeling a little too dry. The first step in learning how to use body wash is knowing that a small amount will be enough to lather up and cleanse your entire body.

Know How To Choose The Right Body Wash

The next step in learning how to use body wash is to pay attention to the ingredients. The ingredients present in your body wash are super important. The reason why body washes are recommended over bar soaps is that they tend to be less moisturising and often include synthetic ingredients and artificial fragrances. When picking the right body wash, look for ones formulated without parabens, sulphates, and synthetic fragrances. Opt for formulations that are pH balanced and won’t disrupt your skin’s natural pH. Moisturising and nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils, will nourish your skin and gently cleanse it from all kinds of impurities.


How To Use Body Wash Oftenly


If your body wash or shower gel is pH balanced and contains moisturising ingredients, you can use it twice a day whenever you shower. It can either be used by itself or paired with a loofah or washcloth. But remember not to over-exfoliate the skin or else you’re going to dry it out unnecessarily.


MyGlamm Recommends The Best Body Wash


Now that you know how to use body wash, we know you’d be looking for the right body wash to suit your needs, right? Look no further! When you’ve got the right products by your side, how to use body wash becomes a lot easier. Scroll down to see the best body washes for you.

After knowing how to use body wash, here’s our first recommendation for you! A refreshing germ-killing body wash that protects your skin from germs and cleanses it instantly. The formula is enriched with soothing rose, moisturising honey, and hydrating aloe vera, all of which purify and clear impurities. It is also enriched with tea tree and chamomile that has antiviral and antibacterial properties that help protect your skin against bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections, while soothing and nourishing your skin.

This body wash acts as a soothing antibacterial that fights germs while calming irritated skin. It holds natural ingredients that provide your skin with a boost of hydration. Plus its antibacterial and antiviral properties relax and cool the skin down. Enriched with neem, lavender, and aloe vera, this body wash keeps your skin feeling clean and nourished all day long!

Meet the body wash that’ll wipe out all the bad bacteria from your skin! Enriched with tea tree oil, this body wash removes impurities thanks to its natural antibacterial and antiviral properties. The formula also contains chamomile and lavender oil, which calm skin and purify it too. The rosemary extract acts as an antimicrobial, while the turmeric extracts as an anti-inflammatory that reduces irritation and pigmentation.

A body wash that contains the goodness of watermelon and aloe vera extracts, the formulation is loaded with antioxidants. The formula has been made to nourish and hydrate the skin while balancing out its natural moisture. If soft and supple skin is what you’re looking for, this one sure won’t disappoint. All you need to do now is to read how to use body wash in the below buy link & you’re good to go!



Should I Use Body Wash Every Day?

Yes, you can use a body wash every day, especially if it contains nourishing ingredients that’ll moisturise your skin and replenish any lost hydration.

Do I Use Body Wash On My Entire Body?

It’s not necessary to use body wash on your entire body. You can lather up a little of the body wash and apply it. As you rinse it off, it’ll automatically cleanse the different parts of your body without you having to scrub it down.

Why Should I Purchase Sulphate Free Body Wash?

It is always recommended to purchase a sulphate free body wash as anything with added chemicals like parabens or sulphates can irritate your skin and cause sensitivity. Plus, sulphates can dry the skin out excessively, so it’s best to opt for a sulphate-free body wash.


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There’s no reason why you should ignore your body and give attention only to your face. Let this guide lead the way when it comes to how to use body wash in the most effective and gentle way possible.


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