Fox Eyeliner: A Step-By-Step Guide To Acing The Hottest Eye Makeup Trend Of 2022

Fox Eyeliner

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Fox eyeliner is the hottest eye makeup trend that has taken over the beauty charts in 2022. Everyone wants in on this foxy eyeliner trend because it promises to make your visage look lifted and snatched. This means that it isn’t just any basic eye makeup trend, it can also help give you a model-like bone structure just like how contouring works. If you’re curious to know all about fox eyeliner and how to recreate it, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out everything about it.


What Is Fox Eye?


The Fox Eye or fox eyeliner is an eye makeup trend that involves eye makeup products like eyeliner, eyeshadow, kajal, mascara and sometimes even falsies. The fox eyeliner trend makes your eyes appear more almond-shaped which is similar to that of a fox. Hence, the name. The trend makes your eyes also appear more upward-slanted and elongated which looks very alluring and striking.


How to Apply Fox Eyeliner Step by Step


Applying fox eyeliner is similar to classic winged liner application but the two aren’t the same. Here’s an essential guide to applying fox eyeliner easily like a pro.


Step 1

Foxy Eyeliner Application Steps

Prep your lids with an eye primer and then blend an eyeshadow shade that is closest to your skin shade on your lids. Use a matte finish eyeshadow for best results. Next, blend a darker brown eyeshadow in a matte finish in the crease of your lids. This will help carve and contour your lids. 


This eyeshadow palette offers all the nude shades and brown shades you need to create natural toned eye makeup looks. It has 12 eyeshadows that are super pigmented and easily blendable. Each of the eyeshadows in this palette is infused with vitamin E which makes them moisturising and comfortable to wear.

Step 2

fox eyeliner steps


It’s time to apply eyeliner. First, tightline your waterlines with a kajal pencil. Do this on both the upper and lower waterlines and cover the inner corners as well. Now, lightly extend a line going downwards from the upper lash line, at the inner corners with an eyeliner pen. Connect this line to the inner corner of the lower lash lines. Draw upward wings at the outer corners of your eyes and connect them to the outer halves of your upper and lower lash lines. Leave the centre of your lash lines clear of eyeliner. Clean up the outer corners of your eyes with concealer if required to make the wings look super sharp and precise.


This is the perfect eyeliner to recreate the fox eyeliner trend. It is precise and helps create the finest lines. The formula is long-lasting and does not smudge or budge. It also allows you to create bold graphic eyeliner styles. This type of liner helps sharply define your eye shape and create artistic eyeliner trends.

Step 3

Fox Eyeliner Makeup


Dab and blend a neutral shimmer or glitter eyeshadow right on the centre of your lids and blend. This will make your lids pop. You can stick on false eyelashes now or simply just apply a good mascara.


The Twist It Mascara delivers beautifully curled lashes that are voluminous and high on drama. The unique brush applicator helps spread the product evenly on the lashes and creates a stunning fanned effect. It has bold pigments and does not irritate the eyes.




Is Fox eye the same as cat eye?

No, the two eyeliner trends are very different from each other.


Is winged eyeliner the same as Fox eye?

No, winged eyeliner is a basic eyeliner style whereas fox eyeliner is a little bit more glamm.


How long does Fox eye lift last?

As long as the eye makeup is on, it will continue to provide lift to your visage. Once you take off the eye makeup, the lifting effect will go away.


Go on and try the fox eyeliner trend because it is going to blow your mind. Once you ace this trend, it will become your new favourite eye makeup look.

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