How To Do Smokey Eyes With Kajal Step By Step

Ah, the Smokey eye- many have tried it, many have perfected it and many have failed to get it right. But it continues to be one of the hottest eye makeup looks. Turning those eyes sultry and sensuous in a moment, are we even surprised that we just can’t get enough of the smokey eye? Another thing that makes the smokey eye so hyped up is its versatility. Wear it to the office, to college or even to parties; it just fits everywhere. Want a toned-down version, go for a soft smokey eye, want to glam it up, add glitter, want an upgrade, use coloured eyeshadow or eyeliner. Smokey eye is so adaptable, fun to experiment with and looks amazing on all kinds of eyes. But do you know how to make smokey eyes with kajal?


Now comes the tricky part, creating the perfect smokey eye makeup with kajal. We know it's not an easy job. You need a mix of the right products, tools, blending and patience. Usually, brown or/and black eyeshadow is required to create the smokey eye with kajal look along with some elbow grease. That’s what deters a lot of women from trying it out. What if we tell you smokey eye is not that difficult to create and you can do it with just one product. Yes, you can achieve that sultry smokey eyes with kajal. Don’t believe us? Watch the video on how to create smokey eyes with kajal. You will need a creamy kajal like the Jet Set Eyes from MyGlamm.

Here’ an easy smokey eye look created using the Jet Set Eyes kajal. It’s hassle-free, quick to do and can give you the smokey eye makeup with kajal look of your dreams without the extra effort.

We have a simplified smoky eye with kajal for you as we know you just cannot get enough of this look. All it takes is one minute and one colour - we are not kidding! 

How To Make Smokey Eyes With Kajal Step By Step!

Step 1:

Prep your eyelids with a primer for better application and a long stay of smokey eyes with kajal. Also, if you have oily lids, try using a mattifying primer on your lids.

Primer on eyelids

Step 2:

Using Jet Set Eyes kajal Eyeliner, draw a rough line across your upper lash line. Cover the entire eyelid with the kajal, roughly.

Eyeliner draw


Step 3:

But how to smudge kajal for smokey eyes? Using a smudge or shader brush, smudge the kajal evenly across each lid. Blend across the eye crease for a neat finish.

kajal use

Step 4: 

Apply a line of kajal on the lower lash line and smudge again using the brush.

Kajal on lower lash liner

Step 5:

Finish off your smokey eyes with kajal look using your favourite voluminous mascara. Mascara basically opens up your eyes and make them look more attractive. So, apply at least 2-3 coats of mascara.

Apply mascara


Can we use kajal as eyeshadow?

Yes, you can use a kajal as an eyeshadow. All you need to have is a few coloured kajals and you can apply them over your lid and use them as an eyeshadow.


Which Colour kajal is best for smokey eyes?

Black coloured eye kajal is considered the best for smokey eyes. It’s best to use a creamy black kajal as it blends easily and creates a creaseless final look.


Can we do smokey eyes naturally with kajal?

Yes, we can do smokey eyes naturally with kajal. All you require is a black creamy eye kajal and a few pro tips, and you’ll get perfect smokey eyes naturally.

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Now that you know how to do smokey eye makeup with kajal, get ready to flaunt your eye makeup and make heads turn in the crowd!


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