Christmas Nail Art: Best Trending Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Christmas nail art design

‘Tis The Season: Celebrate Christmas In Style By Rocking These Festive Nail Art Designs

Gift yourself a glam manicure this Christmas by detailing your nails with Christmas nail art designs. Christmas nails are all about festive, sparkly designs that feature Christmas hues like reds, greens, blues and metallics such as gold, silver, copper, rose gold and more. Rocking Christmas nail designs will not only up your beauty game but will also complement your festive ensembles like no other fashion accessory can. We bring you all the inspo you need to get your digits Christmas ready.

Trending Christmas Nail Art Ideas

If you are all set with a scheduled salon appointment to get your christmas nails game on point, then you’re going to have to decide on a christmas nail design well before that date. Here’s a list of the best Christmas nail ideas that you can choose from.

1. Candy Cane Christmas Nails


Design each nail with a red Christmas element like glittery gift wrap foils, snowflakes, stocking designs and candy canes for a unique Christmas nail art look.

2. Star Power Christmas Nail Art


Significant of the Christmas star, you can opt for this white-based Christmas nail art  with golden stars strewn across.

3. Silver Snowflakes Christmas Nails


Opt for shimmery silver nail art that features snowflakes for a winter-appropriate Christmas nail art that is versatile enough to be perfect for Christmas and the entire month of December.

4. Holly Green Christmas Nails


Match your nail to the lush green hue of the leaves on the mistletoe. This is a simple Christmas nail art that you just can’t pass up.

5. Velvet Glow Nails for Christmas


The velvet nail art trend is a perfect choice for a Christmas nail art look. This rosy hue with silver glitter is so alluring and it reflects light just like precious gemstones.

6. Wine & Gold Nails for Christmas


This red wine nail polish hue paired with a reverse French manicure design that has gold at nail beds is a stunning choice for Christmas as it has the perfect classic colour scheme on point.

7. Edgy Tips Christmas Nails


This angled french manicure tips in balck and gold paired with a base coat of nude is a stellar choice for those who want to keep their nails minimalistic and edgy with a touch of sparkle.

8. Cinnamon Spice Christmas Nails


This toasty Christmas nail art  featuring cinnamon and latte nail polish hues with gold foil accents is a beautiful design for Christmas that can complement any ensemble.

9. Glitter Nudes


This warm earthy-toned Christmas nail art with glitter accent nails is a good choice for Christmas as the monochromatic neutral nails with the stand-out glitter can complement any festive outfit like a dream.

10 Gift Wrapped Nail Art for Christmas


Make your nails look like a pretty wrapped Christmas present with this cool Christmas nail art design. Detail one finger with a ribbon art design and rhinestone while all the nails feature a glitter red base colour.

11. Green-Red Drama On The Way

Source: Instagram


This green-red drama is ready to make your nails look Christmas-ready! It’s one of the most beautiful and simplistic Christmas nail art that will make your nails look subtle & dramatic at the same time.

12. Leafy Christmas Nail Art

Source: Instagram

Make your nails look like a pretty leafy beauty with a base of white solid colour. To add some magic to this Christmas nail art, paint your alternate nails with cherry or maroon colour.

13. Tree Lights Nail Design for Christmas

Christmas nail art - Tree Lights

Here is evidence that a creamy neutral finish may be made brighter by multicoloured Christmas lights, perfect for your Christmas nails.


14. Black & White Nail Art Design for Christmas

Christmas nail art design - black & white

A lovely manicure for the holidays is one with a simple, timeless black-and-white christmas nail art pattern like this tree motif.


15. 3D Sparkles Nail Idea for Christmas

3d sparkle -Christmas nail art design

At the moment, textured nails are really popular. This year, keep up with the trends and add some sparkle to your Christmas nail designs for a fun and festive look.


16. Winter Blues

Christmas nail art designs - winter blues

Abstract nail art is another huge trend, and this manicure featuring icy blues is perfect for this time of year. Bonus points if you add a golden embellishment and your Christmas nails will stand out.


17. Metallic Hearts Christmas Nails

Metallic Hearts -Christmas nail art ideas

Try a polish with a metallic finish when you start to tyre of the standard glossy finish that most polishes provide.

18. Candy Swirls Christmas Nails

candy swirls - Christmas nail art desings

A whimsy peppermint candy-inspired swirl to give this holiday manicure a splash of red.


19. Rudolph

rudolph -nail art designs for Christmas

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer can be added as a simple accent manicure on the ring finger.


20. Glittery Green Nail Art for Christmas

glittery green - Christmas nail art designs

If you enjoy glitzy nails with a statement Christmas tree, choose a glittering green.


21. Christmas Tree Nail Art Design

To make your nails resemble a Christmas ornament, add gold snowflakes over a base of red glitter.

22. Santa Baby Christmas Nails



This red drip and dots Christmas nail art is for those who want to keep it simple and elegant for Christmas. It is the perfect Santa hat masterpiece on nails that’s sure to win a lot of hearts!

23. Burgundy Christmas Nails 



If you want your nails to look seasonal and glitzy, burgundy glitter nails are a solid choice for Christmas. The shine on your Christmas nail art design is extra glossy for just a hint of glam!

24. Evergreen Berries Christmas Nails



Take your simple nails to heights by adding a neat row of evergreen leaves and berries. This Christmas nail idea is perfect for those who want to keep it minimal yet vibey!

25. Playful Candy Cane Christmas Nail Art



Christmas is much more than just a Christmas tree and Santa. This Christmas nail art design reminds us of the sweet candy canes too! The nail art features candy cane stripes on a solid-coloured base which speaks volumes about sophistication.


26. Ombre Glitter Christmas Nail Tips



Coat glitter polish on the tips of your nails and turn it into a stylish upgrade from a simple manicure. The best part about this Christmas nail design is it doesn’t require any effort and can go with any dress.

27. Snowman Christmas Nails



This snowman Christmas nail art is super simple to apply to stick-on nails or to paint directly on your nails. This cute nail art is quite easy to pull off!

28. Red Tips Christmas Nail Art



This is a beautiful red-tip Christmas nail art with a festive twist that looks very classy.

29. Jewellery Like Christmas Nails



Wow! Let’s mention this unique Christmas nail art design that looks like a head-turner. Inspired by jewellery, this creative nail design is perfect for a fun Christmas party! This works best for medium to long nails.


30. Foil Gold Tips Christmas Nails



As shiny as the wrapping of gifts and presents, these French tips Christmas nails look great with metallic glam on the tips.

Best Nail Products To Create Christmas Nail Designs

If you are planning on dressing your digits at home with your own DIY nail art skills, we suggest you get the right nail polishes to slay those glamorous Christmas nail designs. Find our must-have list of polishes below.

POPxo Makeup - Vibin’ Mini Nail Kit

Featuring the most stunning glitter nail enamels at an affordable price, The Vibin' Mini Nail Kit from the POPxo Makeup Collection is perfect for all sorts of Chirstmas nail art ideas. The five chip-resistant glitter nail polishes pack your nail with loads of glitter in just one swipe. They are glossy, glittery and give you all the sparkle you need for Christmas. This glitter mini nail kit has shades of gold, silver, champagne, pink and bronze so you have everything you need to glam up.

Two Of Your Kind - Poolside Soiree

Offering a set of two glossy nail polishes, the Two Of Your Kind nail enamels in variant Poolside Soiree offers a splash of cool blue hues to experiment with for winter-ready Christmas nail designs. This dual enamel set includes a cool aqua blue shade and a seagreen polish shade. These polishes deliver a gel-like effect that is high on shine.

LIT Collection Makeup Set Neon Dreams

For a dose of vibrancy, The Neon Dreams LIT Nail Enamels Set is all you need to create eye-catching neon Christmas nail art looks at home.  These enamels offer super long-wear time and deliver a high-shine effect. This nail kit offers 4 trending neon shades such as orange, yellow, pink, and green.

Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Lacquer - Delicate Daisy

This high shine, gel finish nail enamel in the shade Delicate Daisy is a pretty pastel pink hue with mauve tones that is perfect for simple Christmas nail designs. The quick drying formula sets in just 70 seconds and is one of 20 other pastel hues from the collection.

LIT Nail Enamel - Bad Romance

A chip-resistant, glossy nail enamel in a sky blue shade is a good choice for Christmas nail designs that feature snowflakes. It has a good colour payoff and offers long lasting chip-resistant wear. The smooth glossy finish makes for glistening bright and pretty nails. It allows for precise application thanks to its contoured applicator brush.

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From the most trending Christmas nail art designs, to DIY options and the best high-shine  nail polish products to glam up with, you are now equipped to get your digits Christmas ready.

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