All The Benefits Of Charcoal Soap For The Skin


Charcoal descended upon the skincare scene a couple of years ago, but it has never made this much noise. Whether infused in masks or face-washes, the ingredient is coveted for its ability to exfoliate, cleanse, and treat issues like acne. And, now, you can leverage those benefits with a bar of charcoal-enriched soap! It’s that simple. Ahead — all the charcoal soap benefits you ought to redeem ASAP.


What Is Charcoal Soap


So what is charcoal soap anyway? A charcoal-based bar is derived from activated carbon. Activated carbon is formed by burning natural sources of carbon like coal, wood, and pete at very high temperatures — post which steam is used to ‘activate’ the material/s. This process makes the material porous, and allows it to absorb and bind liquids and gases. The result is a charcoal-based soap that binds dirt, grime, and impurities on the surface of the skin, and absorbs impurities that are a thousand times heavier than its weight. It has a large surface-area as well that enables it to absorb toxins from the skin. Ahead — charcoal soap benefits for skin.


6 Charcoal Soap Benefits For Skin


Reduces Oiliness


Oil-prone skin can clog your pores, and trigger acne and flare-ups. Charcoal excels at absorbing this excess oil from the skin — endowing you with an oil-free look instantly, and remedying flare-ups from the root. 


Fights Acne


Because charcoal is dab-hand at cleansing your skin of dirt and impurities, it treats acne and blemishes in the process too. It is said to diminish the appearance of acne-related scars and marks too.


Suits All Skin-Types


Charcoal is exceedingly versatile in that it adapts to different skin-types. For those with oil-prone skin, it absorbs oil from the surface, and remedies the situation. And because it is moisturising, it can hydrate and nourish dry skin too. Since charcoal doesn’t really pose any risks or side-effects, even those with sensitive skin can leverage its benefits. 


Might Reduce Premature Ageing


It’s said that this ingredient can guzzle up wrinkles and lines, and rejuvenate and tighten the skin over time. 


Exfoliates Gently


Much of Charcoal’s prowess lies in its ability to exfoliate your skin. It eliminates dead skin-cells, dirt, pollutants, oils, and deep-seated build-up from the surface, and induces your face’s glow in the process. 


Soothes Skin Conditions


Since it removes toxins and bacteria from the skin, it might soothe and calm symptoms associated with conditions like eczema and psoriasis; but do consult a professional before using it on the face.


Now that you’re well-versed with charcoal soap benefits for face, here’s one that we truly love.


MyGlamm Recommended Soaps


MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Soap


 This soap is infused with the goodness of Tea Tree Oil and Cocoa Butter — both, in conjunction with each other, kill bacteria and reinstate the softness of your skin. Also containing coconut-based extracts, it hydrates and moisturises while cleansing the skin. Thanks to chlorhexidine, it bolsters the power of Tea Tree Oil by further disinfecting the body. Get it now!


MyGlamm Rose And Strawberry Brightening Beauty Bar


Infused with strawberry extracts as well as the scent of roses, this beauty bar excels at nourishing and hydrating the skin. You’ve gotta add it to your A.M routine to rouse yourself out of your sleep. 


Organic Harvest Charcoal Bathing Bar

Organic Harvest Charcoal Bathing Bar

This vegan and cruelty-free soap is enriched with skin-loving charcoal. It plunges into your skin, and savages toxins and impurities from deep within. It unclogs the pores, and gently cleanses the skin without robbing it of its moisture. Suitable for all skin-types, you can use it on your face as well as your body. 


Price: INR 99

Buy Here


How To Use Charcoal Soap


If you don’t know how to use charcoal soap, you’ll be glad to know that it’s  actually very easy to use. Rinse your skin with lukewarm water. This rids your skin of oils and dirt. Lather your hands with the soap, and massage your face with the resulting formula. Avoid the eyes and the mouth, and focus on oil-prone areas like the t-zone as well as acne-riddled regions. You can massage the soap into your face for about thirty seconds to a minute if your skin is dry; and if your skin is oily or acne-prone, scrub gently for about two or three minutes. Conclude by rinsing your face with lukewarm water, and finish off with a blast of cold water to seal your pores. Go on with your skincare routine like you normally would, and end with a moisturiser


And those were all the benefits of using charcoal soap. Time to add this skin-loving bar of soap to your regimen now!



  1. Can I use a charcoal-based soap every day?


While most agree that these soaps are safe, and can be used every day, it’s advisable to limit application to thrice a week. Despite boasting multiple benefits, charcoal is stripping in nature, and can rob your skin of its natural oils and moisture — especially if your skin is dry or sensitive. 


  1. Is charcoal soap good for skin lightening?


There’s no science-backed evidence that charcoal can lighten the skin; but it is said to bring out your natural skin-colour thanks to how effectively it sloughs off dirt, debris, and build-up from the surface of the skin. 


  1. Which is the best: charcoal soap or face wash?


It depends on the concern you’re looking to address. 


  1. How long should you leave charcoal soap on your face?


You can massage the soap into your face for about thirty seconds to a minute if your skin is dry; and if your skin is oily or acne-prone, scrub gently for about two or three minutes. This enables the charcoal to absorb excess oil from the skin, and cleanse thoroughly. 


  1. Can charcoal soap remove dark spots?


Not really. Charcoal excels at cleansing the skin, and addressing acne, but not many studies testify to its ability to reduce pigmentation. 


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