Attention Brides-To-Be, Take Inspo From 10 Stunning Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks That You Can Bookmark For Your Big Day

Bengali Bridal Makeup

Every future bride wants their wedding day to be perfect as it is such a momentous day in their life. You want to organise everything, from magnificent attire, handpicked jewellery, a meticulous hairstyle, and enticing makeup. Allow us to assist you with your bridal makeup while you're busy managing other events. You've landed at the correct place if you're a soon-to-be Bengali bride seeking some "inspiration" for your Bengali bridal makeup look. Fret not, we’ve listed down the makeup products (lipstick, primer, foundation, kajal, highlighter, eyeliner, eyeshadow) you’ll need to perfect your bridal makeup look.


Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks


Dramatic, smouldering eyes, bright red lipstick, and a simple foundation application are all staples of Bengali bridal makeup. Of course, there is the traditional Bengali addition of a crimson bindi and red-and-white designs on the forehead. Read on.


Bold In Black


Bold In Black Bengali Bridal Makeup Look

Bengali ladies are known for having strong facial features and large, expressive eyes. Hence, this powerful look is dominated by the colours black and white.


Start by applying a primer and then go on to apply a medium-coverage foundation. The play of white is intended to accentuate the eyes' brightness and assertive appearance. All you need to do, is outline around half of your waterline with a white eye pencil before framing it with black. Create a long, pointed wing that reaches the brows, then use the same tool to define the "v" of your inner corners. Make sure you attach the black streak to the bottom of the wing and use it to frame the white. Apply mascara to define your lashes, and you're done.


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Golden Glow Makeup

Golden Glow Bengali Wedding Makeup Look

This is yet another illustration of simplicity. It is simple to recreate and doesn't take much time or effort.

Using an eyelash curler to temporarily volumise and plump the lashes, you can curl the lashes after applying a subtle, pastel-like shade of pink to the lids and creating cat-eye flicks on both sides. Once you've done that, add some volume-boosting mascara to the lashes to make them stand out even more while effortlessly highlighting the look. The brow bone, inner corners of the eyes, and the area directly above the brows should all be highlighted because this look is more about catching the dewiness.

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Let’s Cut The Crease

Let’s Cut The Crease | Bengali Bridal Makeup Look

Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps in your brows, then use a concealer to define, enhance, and contour your brows. For longevity, you can use a primer to set the foundation in place. To achieve this cut-crease effect, dust a light red shade just above the crease of the eyelid. Before applying concealer in a cut-crease, a pink colour should be blended in. Before applying a glitter-studded orange all over the lids just below the cut-crease, use an orange to lightly colour the brow bone. To further glam up the look, pat some loose silver-colored eyeshadow powder in the middle of the lid. Draw the wings with a jet-black eyeliner, then use lash adhesive to add falsies to your eyelashes.

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Double-Wing Delight

Double-Wing Delight Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

To best replicate this look, wear a pair of blue contact lenses. Use a gold or bronze shade to colour the base after priming the lids. A thick line of eyeliner should be used to frame the eyes; when you get to the lower eyelid, extend it into two wings. To further accentuate the look, apply false eyelashes.

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The Creation Of Kalka

The Creation Of Kalka | Bengali Bridal Makeup Look

The Bengali bridal makeup is incomplete without kalka. On the bride's forehead, Kalka is a traditional design created with a crimson bindi in the centre and intricate patterns flowing along the eyebrows. Recently, bridal makeup artists have been using more vibrant and elaborate motifs instead of the traditional white and red Kalka patterns. The traditional Kalka has been updated with the addition of pearls and sequins.

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Anyone For Glittery Foiled Eyes?

Glittery Foiled Eyes | Bengali Bridal Makeup

The divas who love to glamm up, will enjoy this idea for Bengali bridal makeup. By adding sparkly pigments to the eyeshadow and leaving the base of the eyelids bare, the makeup gives special emphasis to these eyes. In most cases, the lip colours are chosen to complement the colour of the clothing, and Kohl is applied to the eyes for a little extra edge.

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Nude Nuance

Nude Nuance | Bengali Wedding Bridal Makeup

Although naked makeup is a timeless style for any occasion, the darker nude colours give bridal makeup a seductive yet elegant appearance. This Bengali bridal makeup look uses matte neutral eyeshadow and lipstick to create a magical makeup effect while keeping the base light and without overpowering the natural skin tone. To achieve consistency, the eyeliner for this look is typically thin and winged.

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Representing The Colour Of Love

The Colour Of Love | Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

The most important shade in all Indian bridal couture is red. Red can be found in all of them, whether it's in the makeup or the clothing. Adding to the traditional significance of the colour of love is the creation of a monochromatic red Bengali bridal makeup. The contouring is crucial to this makeup look. For this appearance, a white Kalka is ideal, with red colours all over the lips, cheeks, and eyes.

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Sunset Sayings

Sunset Sayings | Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

This design is intended for brides who prefer a multi-coloured makeup on their wedding day. In order to achieve a multi-toned eyeshadow look with an extended eyeliner wing, the bride's makeup artist focuses on the eyes while playing with various red, yellow, and orange tones. Crimson lips and a short, simplified Kalka complete the aesthetic.

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No-Makeup Makeup Look

No-Makeup Makeup Look | Bengali Bridal Makeup Look

To be honest, Bengalis appreciate minimalism. The perfect base to the no-makeup Bengali bridal makeup look is complemented by delicate kohl-lined eyes and bare lipstick. To complement the simple, no-makeup makeup look, the Kalka is made up of tiny dots.

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