Your Mane-Man: 10 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair


Olive oil has had its share of popularity –– it’s a great addition to salads and is a healthy alternative to other vegetable oils. But did you know that olive oil is a miracle worker for amazing hair. Often referred to as ‘liquid gold’, olive oil helps tackle so many hair care issues, so much so it deserves a place in your kitchen cabinets and your vanity shelf. The main elements in olive oil are oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene, which are all emollients that soften the hair. That’s why you’ll find this popular salad dressing base present in your hair care products too. Scroll down to see the olive oil benefits for hair.


Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair


Olive oil is essential to help combat all the possible common beauty woes. It acts as a natural conditioner for your hair and aids in tackling and preventing various issues. And the best part about sticking to a nourishing hair care routine is that once you fix one problem, your other hair care woes also get solved. Here are some olive oil benefits for hair that will make you use this oil in your routine.


Tackles Dandruff

Dandruff is a result of a dry and irritated scalp that eventually leads to flaking. The elements in olive oil help rehydrate the scalp and take care of any sort of fungal infection on it. This olive oil benefit for hair basically eliminates dandruff altogether, which also fixes a whole lot of other hair issues.


Smoothens Split Ends


Since olive oil is a natural conditioner, it hydrates your hair too! Regular use can smoothen and soften the hair, and reduce split ends too. 


Makes Your Hair More Manageable


Dry and damaged hair often leaves your mane unmanageable. Olive oil has the ability to repair and reverse the damage, keeping your hair a little more manageable, and less prone to breakage.


Strengthens Your Hair


Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants that boost your scalp and hair health. It nourishes and conditions the hair while preventing any sort of damage. Since one of the olive oil benefits for hair is to condition it, this reduces its chances of getting dry. The result? Less split ends, less breakage, and stronger hair.


Repairs Damaged Hair


Rich in vitamins A and E olive oil is antioxidant heavy, and can repair and reverse the damage caused by over-styling, heat, and chemicals. One of the main olive oil benefits for hair is that it helps protect the protein keratin in your hair and locks in moisture.


Boosts Scalp Health


Massaging olive oil in your scalp and hair helps fight fungus and bacteria, and promotes good scalp health. When your scalp is healthy, it strengthens your hair follicles and encourages a much healthier mane.

Nourishes & Conditions Hair

One of the best and most effective olive oil hair benefits is it nourishes & conditions hair. It contains all the necessary nutrients that provide your hair with proper conditioning and nourishment.

Reduces Hair Breakage 

Another olive hair benefit is it reduces hair breakage. It keeps the hair voluminous, and thick and also keeps a check on hair breakage. Not only this, but it also improves texture & complexion, keeping dryness and breakage at bay.

Removes Head Lice

Olive oil also helps in removing active head lice. Not only this, but it also soothes and moisturises the scalp.


Treats Hair Problems & Makes Hair Shiny

Olive hair keeps many hair problems at bay such as irritations, itchiness, and any type of wound. It also makes your hair shinier.


How To Use Olive Oil For Hair


Everyone loves to DIY themselves a hair mask with the ingredients from your cupboard. One of the key ingredients is olive oil! Here’s how to use olive oil for hair in the comfort of your home. 


Step 1 - Measure


If this is the first time you are venturing into the olive oil for hair universe, then you might want to start small. Make sure you start with just a tablespoon for your first time and build it up each time. You can feel free to mix it with other ingredients like avocados, eggs, honey, or aloe vera to enhance the olive oil benefits for hair.


Step 2 - Massage


Make sure you gently massage the oil deeply into your scalp and hair for a couple of minutes. Once you’re done either wrap your hair up in a shower cap or use a heated towel to steam the product in.


Step 3 - Rinse


Using a wide-toothed comb, detangle your hair before you rinse it off with a shampoo. Since the consistency of olive oil can be really thick, you might need to lather rinse and repeat at least twice to remove all the greasy residue.


Olive Oil As A Conditioner


Depending on the dryness levels of your hair, you can also use olive oil as a conditioner. Its moisturising properties help lock-in the moisture and keep your mane hydrated. It also creates a protective barrier around your hair shafts, preventing any sort of moisture loss or damage. 


MyGlamm Recommends Haircare Products With Olive Extracts


If you feel like using pure olive oil on your hair might be a little too much for your mane (especially if you’ve got fine hair), then opt for products with olive extracts. This way, you get the olive oil benefits for hair without any kind of product weighing it down. Scroll down to see the best products that’ll do this for you. 


MyGlamm Superfoods Passion Fruit & Olive Conditioner 150ml

If you’re tired of dry, dehydrated, rough, and brittle hair, then you need a conditioner that’ll instantly pick it up. This Superfoods conditioner instantly recharges your hair, all thanks to its nourishing natural extracts. The formula contains passion fruit and olive, both of which deeply nourish your hair to make it healthy, shiny, soft, and silky. This conditioner also contains pro-vitamin B5 that hydrates and protects your hair without stripping it off its natural oils. Say hello to silky soft hair, that comes effortlessly.



Does Olive Oil Help Hair Grow?

Olive oil has the ability to condition dry hair, strengthen hair follicles, repair damage, and keep hair manageable. This results in stronger hair and lesser hair fall. While there's no strong evidence to support hair growth, olive oil is said to boost overall hair health, which means it’ll help grow hair faster.

Does Olive Oil Thicken Hair?

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, olive oil is known to boost overall hair and scalp health. This results in thicker and stronger hair. 

 How Does Olive Oil Help In Haircare?

Olive oil penetrates the hair shaft making the hair strong and smooth. It increases the lifespan of each hair making them thicker, nourished, and shiny.

Can I apply olive oil on hair daily?

If you have a really dry hair type, there’s no harm in applying olive oil every day to your hair. But otherwise, you can apply once a week.

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The uses of olive oil for hair only point towards a healthy and happy mane. Using olive oil benefits for hair will not only naturally nourish it, but will also treat, condition, and keep your tresses in good shape. DIY your way through it or simply opt for products that have olive extract or oil present in the formulation, no matter which way you choose, you won’t be left disappointed.

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