Benefits Of A Foot Spa

Your feet never take a day off, therefore, it’s crucial to give them some love and care atleast once in 15 days or once a month. A foot spa not just leaves you with feet worth flaunting, but also, reduces stress and helps you relax and rejuvenate yourselves. The procedure involves soaking of the feet in a tub filled with warm water and adding salt and essential oils, using cuticle cream, cleansing, scrubbing, applying of a nourishing pack and massage lotion. There are more benefits than you can think, of getting a regular foot spa. We’ve got you covered with all of them:

1. Improves Blood Circulation
Did you know? Indulging in a regular foot spa helps improve blood circulation. Not just that, a foot spa will instantly make you feel refreshed and re-energized, thus, making you indulge in one very often.

Foot spa improves blood circulation


2. Helps Fight Stress
The relaxation power of a foot spa is such that it can help you relieve the stress of a hard day. Lead a stress-free life, call our expert beauty artists home to give you a foot spa treatment in the comfort of your home.

Foot spa helps fight stress


3. Relieves Arthritic Pain
Did you know? A foot spa treatment is very helpful for arthritic patients. The procedure helps you get rid of the tension in muscles and joints. So, for all those suffering from arthritis, a foot spa can be of great help.

Foot spa relieves arthritic pain


4. Reduces Headache
A foot spa helps reduce headache. Yes, you read that right. This is because the nerve points are found in the feet. A light massage during the foot spa treatment stimulates them and helps in treating symptoms like headache and migraine.

Foot spa reduces headache


5. Treats Insomnia
Another benefit of getting a regular foot spa is that it helps in getting proper sleep and reduces the symptoms of insomnia.

Foot spa treats insomnia


6. Helps in Detoxification
The foot detoxification in foot spa helps the body in getting rid of toxins. The foot cleansing procedure helps in detoxifying the liver and kidney, aids in clearing acne and wrinkles and in strengthening the immune system.

Foot spa helps in detoxification


Summers are the best time to indulge in a foot spa treatment. Your feet don’t deserve to be sweaty and smelly all day. If you’ve been taking your feet for granted, then go ahead and book one for yourself NOW.

Select from our range of foot spas to get the best spa treatment ever, that too, in the comfort of your home!



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