Embarrassing makeup situations we have all faced

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Nobody is born perfect, and when it comes to the art of makeup, it needs practice. You might have honed your skills over time and all your friends turn to makeup advice to you, but it did not happen overnight, did it? The makeup guru you are today took you a lot of mistakes and several ‘what was I thinking?’ moments. Nobody is alone in making many of those odd, beauty faux pas, so don’t worry. Makeup is a learning process, and it takes more than some mistakes to figure out what works for you. Here are some of the common makeup mistakes or beauty faux pas, that will have you in splits. Admit it, you’ve been in at least one of these.

Overdone brows

We understand the importance of well-groomed brows but there‘s a thin line between bold and OTT. Haven’t you ever been carried away while using your brow pencil and ended up looking like someone with unnatural eyebrows? Yeah, we thought so. An easy way to avoid this blunder is to use brow powder instead of pencils. Stay Defined HD Brow Powder gives you natural looking full brows and is totally buildable. The powder is natural brown in colour so that it imparts just the right colour to your brows.

Lipstick teeth

It happens to the best of us, lipstick on the teeth is not a pretty sight. Funny, yes, but certainly embarrassing. The one day you decide to swap your nude lip gloss for bright red lipstick. It is especially true with bright shades which are readily visible of the teeth. An easy trick is to pop a finger into the mouth after applying your fav lippy and the extra colour will be on the finger saving you the trouble later.

Patchy Foundation

You apply this top-rated foundation and when you walk out of the house you see that its all patchy. Oh the horror! To prevent this disaster, always check your foundation in natural lighting before heading out. Another important step we all forget is to apply and blend the foundation down your neck so that it matches your face.

Too much makeup

Think of your teenage years, when you loved smearing your face with layers and layers of makeup. Dreadful isn’t it? A lot of people think that more the makeup, the prettier you look. This is a myth. Les is always more when it comes to makeup. For everyday wear, a light base done using BB cream or tinted primer is enough, especially in a tropical country as ours. Add a little blush, mascara and gloss or a nude lipstick and you are good to go. Less makeup is always better than too much makeup.

Clumpy mascara

We know that spidery long lashes are hot but clumpy lashes are a complete no-no. Putting on coat after coat of mascara can make your eyes look like a clumpy, waxy mess defeating your aim of looking like a runway model. Before applying mascara it’s always best to scrape off excess product on the rim. You can later add more if you like but excess product will not only be messy but will also create wastage.


Dark lip liner over light lipstick

Lining the lips with lip liner is meant to keep your lipstick in place. We just can’t get that weird dark lip liner over light lipstick trend form the 80s. Honestly speaking, it is not very flattering. Ideally, your lipstick and lipliner would match exactly. If you cannot find a lip liner matching your lipstick, go for a nude or skin coloured shade. Or simply skip wearing a lip liner.

Too much blush

There’s a fine line between looking ‘naturally flushed’ and looking like you just stepped out after performing in the circus. The ideas of rosy cheeks is to make your skin look youthful and healthy and too much blush can totally defeat the purpose. You might end up looking like you got rash or allergy on the cheeks. It’s always best to start with less blush and build up as needed. Also, always do your makeup in natural light to avoid the too-much fiasco.

Panda eyes

Mascara and eyeliner have the tendency to run down your cheeks in case there’s a lot of sweating (or crying). We all have been there, when we danced the night away looking like a black-eyed panda all night. It can be as embarrassing as it is fun. It is especially true for a tropical climate like ours. The best bet is to wear a heavy-duty waterproof mascara like the Threesome Mascara and eyeliner, like the Stay Defined Liquid eyeliner which is smudge and fade-proof.  Also, keep blitting paper or tissues handy to soak the sweat off your eyes. Embarrassment averted!