More Than Just An Ingredient In Your Salad: 5 Surprising Benefits Of Avocados For Hair


Meet the healthy fruit that has caught every millennial’s eye over the last couple of years. Avocados can be deemed as the superfood of the decade –– with everyone slathering it on their toast, dipping their tortillas into it, and mixing it into their smoothies, this fruit has a unique set of health benefits that everyone can benefit from. And this includes hair care. Now, if you’re wondering why would one look out for avocados in their haircare products? Well, it’s because they hold a crazy amount of nutrients that help your hair retain its health and restore it to its former glory. Scroll down to check out the avocado benefits for hair and why this superfruit is also an amazing ingredient for your locks.


Avocado Benefits For Hair


Avocados aren’t just a juicy (in this case, smushy) fruit! Loaded with nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, avocados in general boost hair health. So, the next time you slather on some avo-on-toast, think of the avocado benefits for hair. Here’s everything you need to know.


Nourishes & Strengthens


Avocados are rich in nutrients like potassium and amino acids, which instantly rejuvenates and deep condition dry hair. When your hair is dry it tends to be more prone to breakage. When used in a hair mask, avocados help condition your hair, strengthening it from the root and nourishing it all the way to the tip.


Adds Shine & Smoothens Hair


The two minerals present in avocado, potassium and magnesium, aid in restoring the moisture into your hair and keep all the nourishment locked in. Hydrated hair equals a more smooth, shiny, and manageable mane.


Boosts Scalp Health


Avocado oil is great for fighting dandruff and other fungal scalp conditions. It instantly moisturises a dry scalp and creates a natural barrier that protects it from any sort of inflammation. A healthy scalp entails healthier hair growth, making avocados a great growth booster too.


Protects Against Free Radical Damage


Free radical damage from UV rays, pollution, heat, and styling products can often leave hair damaged beyond repair. An avocado hair conditioner contains antioxidants that’ll help protect your scalp and hair from damage. 

Promotes Hair Growth & Reduces Hair Loss


A healthy scalp always equals a less hostile environment for hair to grow. Avocados help unclog your follicles, boost blood circulation, and aids in stimulating growth. Massaging some avocado oil into your scalp means allowing for the best nutrients to reach your follicles and therefore boost your hair growth. Conditioning your hair prevents breakage, dryness, and split ends, which means you’ll find less hair on your brush and more on your scalp.


MyGlamm Recommends Avocado Hair Product


While you can always smash some avocado and massage it into your scalp and hair. Or you can opt for hair products that contain this superfruit. Take the avocado benefits for hair to the next level with an avocado hair product that’ll leave you with luscious locks.


MyGlamm Superfoods Mangosteen & Avocado Hair Mask 50g

A deep conditioning hair mask is always a good idea to fix those dry and damaged tresses. Formulated with natural superfoods and free from unnecessary chemicals, this hair mask is made with avocado extracts that deep condition your hair, leaving it smooth and frizz-free. The Mangosteen fruit pulp in the formula is rich in antioxidants that repair the damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments. Strengthening your hair from the get-go, this mask also contains vitamin B5, which helps maintain your hair’s natural moisture levels.


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The love for avocados stands true –– it is actually a superfruit designed to keep you healthy inside out! These avocado benefits for hair are sure to keep that mane manageable, hassle-free and fuss-free.