8 Shocking Celebrity Makeup Fails


You would think with all that money, celebs would choose a good makeup artist and avoid any beauty blunders, unlike us commoners. But it seems that’s not the case. These 8 celebs prove that just because you're rich & famous doesn’t mean your makeup is always going to be on-point! 

Drew Barrymore

There’s nothing wrong with taking risks and standing out when it comes to your makeup, but you need to be sure the end result makes you look good. Unfortunately for this former Charlie's Angel, she stood out for all the wrong reasons. The bright unblended yellow eyeshadow paired with dark red lipstick and heavily blushed cheeks is exactly what nightmares are made of!

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Jennifer Lopez

JLo always looks gorgeous with or without makeup on, so it’s hard to believe that she's on this list. One of her biggest makeup blunders was when she walked the red carpet with bad eyelashes, poorly blended eyeshadow, unfilled brows and nude lipstick. 
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Miley Cyrus

We are all aware of Miley Cyrus’ crazy, tongue-sticking out phase when she didn’t give a damn what people said about her behaviour and apparently, her makeup as well. When she walked the red carpet for Maxim’s Hottest, the singer suffered a major makeup NO-NO! The layer of powder around her chin was pretty visible which left everyone wondering if she just licked it off or if she did her makeup herself……in the dark.
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Angelina Jolie

While Jolie always manages to nail her looks, we bet she wishes she could permanently delete this tragic makeup incident forever. The actress arrived at a movie premiere with white splotches all over her face. This makeup mishap is definitely cringeworthy to say the least.  
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Taylor Momsen

She went from the sweet little child on  'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' to annoying Jenny Humphrey to ditching it all for the world of rock and roll. During a red carpet event, Taylor took her smoky eye makeup to a whole new non-flattering level when she sported charcoal black all around her eyes. This left her looking like a raccoon rather than a badass performer. 

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Leighton Meester

Seems like the stars of Gossip Girl didn't learn much from their stylish characters. During a public event, Leighton looked more like The Joker rather than Blair Waldorf with her purple eyeshadow, bright red lips and a very cakey base. This is one of those times when bold eyes and bold lips just didn’t match.

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Eva Longoria

This is the perfect example of why blending is very crucial! While you do use extra product to cover up your dark circles, Eva Longoria seemed to have missed the blending memo. The actress was seen leaving a restaurant with way too much powder under her eyes.

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Ariana Grande

Want to know why your foundation should always match your shade? Then just take a look at Ariana Grande. The singer graced the red carpet with a face full of foundation that was a couple of shades lighter than the rest of her body.

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