Has Your Lipstick Been Lying In Your Drawer Forever? Here's How To Tell If It Has Expired


With nowhere to go and no one to meet during this pandemic, most of us haven’t been able to do complete justice to our makeup products. Especially with face masks on, it’s always a struggle to show off our makeup look. One product that’s had it worse during this pandemic is the humble lipstick. No matter how expensive or rare your lipstick is, if you’ve kept it in your drawer for months, it’s probably already gone bad. Here’s how to check whether your lipstick has passed its shelf life.

5 Ways To Tell Whether Your Lipstick Has Expired


Before you chuck your precious lipstick into the bin, make sure that you quickly run through this checklist first.

It’s More Than 2 Years Old


All lipsticks have a shelf life of 2 years. If yours is more than 2 years old, then it’s time to throw it into the bin. You see, using an expired lipstick can cause irritation and inflammation on the lips. Hence, in this case, prevention is better than cure. 

It Smells Funny

woman holding a lipstick


Lipsticks usually smell delicious, but if yours smells weird, then there is a high possibility that it’s gotten rancid. Expired lipstick usually smells like potato starch or has a nasty waxy odour. Avoid using a lipstick that smells weird because it won’t only be harmful to your skin, but your body too if you ingest it.

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There Are Moisture Beads On Its Surface

Does your lipstick look like it’s sweating? If so, then this is a strong indicator that your lipstick has expired. When moisture beads show up, it’s usually to do with the separation of ingredients and formulas in the lipstick. 

Do A Swatch Test

Red lipstick on the bed


If your lipstick does not glide smoothly on your skin and it gives you a patchy, dull coverage, chances are, your lipstick is no good anymore. You can also feel the texture to check how fresh the lipstick is. Does it have a soggy, gritty or clumpy texture? Depending on this factor, you should take a call. 

The Product Appears Mouldy

Mouldy patches on lipstick are the most obvious signs that it has expired. Even if you sanitise the product, it is still unsafe to use as the ingredients have already gone bad. Cutting off the mouldy part from the lipstick won’t help either. It is already contaminated and is of no use. 

Now you know what signs to you look out for when examining your lipsticks! Even if they are expensive or limited edition, avoid sentimental attachment. Protect your skin and body by chucking the lipstick into the bin or find another way to reuse the product

Think before you glide that lipstick on!

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