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The Most Flattering Hairstyles For The Girl With An Oval Face Shape


A good hairstyle can make or break your look. One moment you’re thinking about getting a hair makeover and the next moment, you’re in an *OMG, what have I done* mode because it doesn’t suit you at all!

Finding the perfect hairstyle for you begins with understanding your facial shape. Do you have a diamond or a heart-shaped face? Perhaps square or even round or oval?! And if you have an oval face, then you’re lucky as it is indeed the most versatile for experimenting with hairdos.

To find out which is the best hairstyle for oval face or just to pick out your next hairdo, we have got all the hair inspo you need! Time to uncover some amazing hairstyles for oval shape women that you’re going to love.

Short Hairstyles For Oval Face

If you have short (or super short) hair, then these hairstyles are perfect for you, especially if you have an oval face.

Short Bob

best short bob haircut for oval face shape

Along with trying a voluminous hair shampoo,a messy short bob is the perfect way to add some volume to your hair and make it look #InstaWorthy, instantly. After combing your hair, just put your hand beneath your hair and shake it. Use some texture hairspray to add volume and you’re good to go.

Sleek bob

best sleek bob haircut for oval face shape female

If you have an oval face, then this hairstyle is just for you. Simple, sexy and sleek; just straighten your hair a bit and use a styling paste or hair serum to tame the flyways. It’ll not only make you look edgier but is perfect for every woman on the go who wants a fuss-free hairstyle.

Super Short Pixie

small pixie hairdo hairstyles for oval face female indian

Super short hair is so back in trend! It not only cuts off a couple of numbers from your age but also makes sure that all attention is on your pretty face. Just comb your mane and set it using hairspray and that’s basically it. Easy yet amazing!

Wavy Bob

wavy bob hairstyles for oblong face shape

This is one of the best hairstyles for oval shape face and we guarantee you that it’ll become your fave too. Just part your hair from the middle and using a hair curler, add some waves to your mane. Just don’t forget to add some texture using hairspray.

Chin Length Bob

chin length bob hairstyles on oval face

This supermodel approved hairdo is just what you need to give your boring hair a quick makeover. Just part your hair from the middle and let them be! You can also add some waves to it if you like.

Basic Side-Parting

basic side-parting hairstyles for oval face female indian

This hairstyle is for all the lazy heads out there who do not know how to style their short hair for an oval face. Simply part your hair from one side and using a round hairbrush, comb your hair in an inward direction to give it a subtle curve at the end and voila, you’re done.


Super short pixie hairstyle for oval face women

A pixie hairdo was all the rage a decade back and who knows, might come back in 2021! It is short and sexy and definitely makes heads turn. Just use your hair straightener to manage the do and style it accordingly. Don’t forget to use some hair serum afterward.

Experiment With Waves

Waves hairstyle for oval shaped face

Do you have short hair and are looking for a way to style it with your oval face? Why not add bangs to it? And if you have already cut your own bangs in quarantine, then this is perfect. Just add some texture to your hair using hair styling tools and avoid a straightener it as it may look flat.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Oval Face

If you have medium length hair and looking for sexy hairstyles that’ll look great with an oval-shaped face, then keep on reading.


Bangs - medium length hairstyle for oval face shape

The quickest way to change your look is by getting bangs. You can either get them cut or get faux bangs off Amazon. When styling, just add a lot of volume to your hair because we don’t want it to look flat, right?


Layers medium length hairstyle for oval face women

Remember in school when each one of us was obsessed with steps/layer haircut. It was and still is one of the most popular haircuts. If you have an oval face shape, layers should be your go-to trend. They frame the face beautifully, add volume and are super easy to style.

Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs hairstyle

Curtain bangs came out to be one of the most popular hairstyles of 2020 and we’re here for it! It not only adds a certain depth to your look but is perfect for everyone who cuts their own bangs.All you have to do is start by using a hair mask and washing off your hair for beautiful results. Just part your bangs (yup, not the hair) and add some curves to it using a hair styling tool. It makes your face look youthful and honestly, we understand the rave around it.

Braid It Up

Braid medium length hairstyle for oval face

If you thought braiding hair is only reserved when you use hair oil on your hair, you are missing out on something. Time to (b)raid this hairstyle as it is perfect for all you oval face shaped beauties out there! It is also perfect for those with curly hair. Just braid your hair on one side, pull out a few hair strands from the front and you’re ready!

Undo The Ponytail

undo the ponytail medium length hairstyle for oval face

This hairstyle is perfect for every girl who loves her ponytails. Instead of braiding your hair ends, braid your hair from the front, but not all the way to the end. Keep your ponytail as it is so everyone can see your stunning face!

Sleek It Up

Want all the attention on your pretty face? Then try this. Comb your hair back and use a hair gel to set them. It’ll not only look bomb but also give you the wet hair look.

You can do it like Bebo and create dramatic, smokey eyes for that extra oomph or let only your hairdo do all the talking.

A Simple Blowout

A simple blowout best hairstyles for medium length hair for oval face shape

This hairstyle is for all you lazy heads out there. Sometimes simplicity is the best and this hairdo is perfect for all occasions. Using your blow dryer, just tame your mane and let them be!

Long Hairstyles For Oval Face

If you have Rapunzel-approved hair and are looking for hairstyles for an oval face with long hair, we’ve got you.

A Wavy Braid

Beachy waves long hairstyle for oval face

Waves are the best way to add some volume and style to your look. You can either create stunning, #InstaWorthy waves or take it one step further by doing a simple knot– possibilities are endless.

Beach Waves

Best Waves long hairstyle for oval face shape women

If you have an oval face with long hair, a middle parting will look so good on you! Just part your hair from the middle and that’s it. You can also create messy waves to add more volume if you have thin hair.

Curl It Up

Curl it up Hairstyle for oval face shape

Another amazing hairdo for an oval face can be achieved by adding curls to your mane. Using a hair curler, add multiple curls and do a side parting and that’s basically it. You can accessorise with a knot hairband or a jewelled clip for a special occasion. 

Straight & Sexy

best straight long hairstyle for oval face women

When in doubt, just straighten it out! To add some length and frame your face, part your hair and straighten it. This is one hairdo that flatters most face shapes and is super easy to achieve. 

A Top Knot

top knot Hairstyle for oblong face shape

Messy hair? Don’t care! For the days your hair is acting up, just tie them up. Statement earrings, a bold lipstick or even hair accessories– there are so many ways you can make it look super hot.

Half Knot

Half knot long hairstyle for oval face women

Another super chic way to show off your hairstyling qualities is by tying a half knot bun. Just take half the hair from the front and tie them using a hair tie. Fun, fabulous and stylish as hell! 


bangs long hairstyle for oval face shape

Whether you have short, medium-length or long hair, bangs are always a good idea (unless you have a tiny forehead). So if you haven’t tried this style yet, it’s time you add it to your styling list. 

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