Pantone's Colour Of The Year 2021 Is Out & Here's How To Use It In Your Makeup Routine


Pantone has released their colour of the year for 2021 and it’s not what any one of us expected. While we are used to just one colour, this year, the company decided to do something different by picking two colours ---- ‘coz why not, this whole year has been far from ordinary, right? For 2021, the US-paint brand’s team have selected two shades – Ultimate Grey and Illuminating --- this is only the second time they’ve done this in two decades. They stated that this year’s colours are “a message of happiness supported by fortitude” with ultimate grey representing “pebbles on the beach and natural elements” and the buttercup yellow, representing “bright and cheerful”; “sparkling with vivacity”.  

Just like every year, Pantone’s colours always dominate the runway and beauty world and 2021 is not going to be any different. So how do you effortlessly incorporate these two colours into your beauty routine? Well, we’ve noted down a few ways you can be a trendsetter by using yellow and grey shades in your makeup looks.

Illuminating Buttercup Yellow & Ultimate Grey

Yellow and Grey might not be popular shades in everyone’s makeup bag, but you can make it work with your eye makeup. Since face masks aren’t going anywhere in 2021, using these two colours on your eyes is a great way to show off your trendy side.



When it comes to eyeshadows you can either opt for just a yellow shade or blend both grey and yellow together. If you’re going solo with the colours, a yellow shadow with a bit of orange, and topped off with a clear gloss will surely turn heads wherever you go.

You can also go ahead and create an edgy eye look by using grey on the outer corner to create a smokey cat-eye and yellow on the rest of your eyelids. Make sure to blend it well for it to not look too harsh.


Love the graphic cat-eye trend? Then, instead of white eyeliner, you can opt for a bright yellow shade to keep up with this year Pantone’s colour theme. This is not only edgy but will also give you great images for your Insta-feed.

For those who love all things simple, a yellow or grey eyeliner to create the basic cat-eye will look gorgeous, chic and trendy.


The Pantone colours of 2021 can also be incorporated into your nail art. Whether you opt for shimmery shades or matte, both yellow and grey will look great on any skin complexion. And there are plenty of designs to choose from as well. You could either go for individual colours on each nail or a yellow base with grey designs and vice versa --- the choices are endless.

Be a trendsetter by rocking Pantone’s 2021 colours of the year!