Though ice cubes are not very beneficial for the throat, they have commendable benefits for your skin. Ice cubes can be used for the advantages it offers for your face. Benefits of applying ice on face are many. Including ice cubes in your daily beauty regime is an extremely good idea. Wonder how? We’ve got you covered with the benefits of using ice cubes for your face and skin:

1. Ice cubes work wonders to calm down tired eyes. After a long and tiring day at work, place some ice cubes on your eyes for a soothing effect. This simple method will not just give a cooling effect to your eyes, but also, give relief. Try out this easy beauty tip whenever you feel tired or drained out.

Ice cubes calm down tired eyes


2. Here’s another benefit of using ice on your face. Pour some fresh fruit juice in your ice tray and freeze it. Use these cubes to rub your face. This method will give your face the goodness of fruits as well.

Fresh fruit juice ice cubes


3. Rub some ice cubes over your face before applying makeup. This trick makes your makeup last longer.

Rub ice cubes on your face before applying makeup


4. Inculcate the habit of rubbing ice cubes on your face regularly. This will help increase blood circulation on your face and better blood circulation is bound to give your face a healthy and fresh glow.

Ice cubes increase blood circulation


5. Did you know? Ice cubes can help you get rid of acne. Pricking your blackheads is not good for your skin, thus, ice cubes come to your rescue. Rub an ice cube over the affected area and see how the redness and swelling reduces. You will not only get instant relief, but also, experience a cooling effect on the affected area.

Ice cubes help you get rid of acne


6. Ice cubes can be used to prevent yourself from large sized pores. They not only reduce the pores and make them smaller, but also, prevent the production of excess oil on your face. For all those with an oily skin, here’s a trick that’ll minimize the production of oil on your face to a great extent. Grab a soft cloth and tie two ice cubes in it. Use this tied up cloth to massage your face. Continue with the massage until the ice melts completely.

Reduce pores by rubbing ice cubes on your face


7. Get rid of undereye bags with this simple technique. Boil some rose water and mix it with cucumber juice. Freeze this ice face mask. Now place the ice cubes on your dark circles. Not only will the undereye circles fade but will also help in reducing puffiness.

Ice cubes reduce undereye bags


8. Ice cubes help in curing sunburns too. All you need to do is take some ice cubes and tie them in a soft cloth. Use the cloth to rub the area affected by sunburns. This method will relieve you of the pain as well as irritation instantly.

Ice cubes cure sunburns


9. Are you in a rush and have no time for makeup? Don’t worry. Ice cubes will come to your rescue. Yes, rubbing ice cubes all over your face will make your face look fresh and dewy. Rub the ice cubes minutes before stepping out and enjoy the glow.

Ice cubes give a fresh and dewy look